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Sex Party’s Fiona Patten seriously misled about DLP on this morning’s Sunrise

This morning’s Sunrise on channel 7  in Victoria hosted a short debate between the Sex Party’s senate candidate Fiona Patten and the DLP’s senate candidate Mark Farrell.

This 5 minute debate touched on the issues of same-sex “marriage” and abortion, with both sides presenting their positions.

While on the topic of abortion, in what appeared to be an attempt to deceive people and throw mud at the DLP, Fiona Patten declared that it is stated in the DLP Constitution that the DLP are “against sex before marriage”.

Mark Farrell refuted this, stating that it was not in the Party’s Constitution. “I am the Federal Secretary and I know my Party”, Mark added.

Indeed, Mark was right. Here is a copy of the DLP’s most up-to-date Constitution:
DLP Constitution and By-Laws

Nowhere in the Constitution do you find such a statement. No such thing is mentioned in any of the Party’s policies, either.

The private relationship between two people is not a matter for the state to legislate on. Is the Sex Party really that unintelligent as to think the DLP would support a position that would require a state-sanctioned, legislated move to have police patrolling our citizens’ bedrooms? Sounds a bit Communist to me.

Massive fail, Sex Party.


Mark Farrell on Chanel 7's Sunrise

Living in a sea of uncertainty, which party can we trust for the future?

Living in a sea of uncertainty, which party can we trust for the future?

  • NOT one with the best spin doctors, be they Green or any other
  • NOT those for whom things like satisfying big business or pushing for gay “marriage” are more important than your family

When it comes to the crunch, a party will act in accordance with its rock bottom values, its real vision for society




The Democratic Labour Party is about:

  • The flourishing of families; all mums, dads, children, grandparents
  • Defending the dignity of workers, fair wages and conditions, job creation and job security
  • Defending small business from big business, bureaucracy and the Greens
  • Standing with the sick and vulnerable, and their carers
  • Standing up for our best traditions, like the fair go for all including the last and the least; valuing natural justice; man-woman marriage not same-sex ‘marriage’; freedom for religious faith

Real development is not leaving things behind, as on a road, but drawing life from them, as on a root – G.K Chesterton


That is our vision, all our policies flow from that.

A wide range of practical policies like superannuation for carers, free sports injury insurance for amateur sports people – to support healthy sports and families that build community, better trading terms for small business, school education vouchers to give parents control over education, establishing a Federal Development Bank, abolishing carbon taxes and emission trading schemesand many more.


And what is the ALP really about, today?

There may still be a few decent Labor politicians and policies left as remnants, but for most of those who control the ALP, their “progressive” ideology and connections come first. With lots of spin, all the time.

Their real commitment is to holding power over ordinary people, and to pushing deceptive projects  –  various tricks of social engineering like same-sex “marriage” disguised as “marriage equality”, or restricting our freedom of speech and religion – down our throats.

And getting fat salaries for all that, from our taxes.

The DLP has the vision

The ALP has the spin

…and the Greens have the spin doctors


The ALP has become Fake Labor. A current example from our community:

Foreign multinational locks out Aussie workers, ALP nowhere to be seen



Use your vote to make a difference this Federal Election. Vote for the labour party that upholds our best traditions, values and principles. Vote DLP.



By Andrew Kis-Rigo

Palmer says “we’re fair dinkum”… But they printed their election material in China

The following is taken from DLP Riverina candidate Paul Funnell’s blog.

Election campaigns are like pressure cookers. They expose the cracks in parties and candidates.

Pretty soon the disconnect between what people say and what people do gets exposed.

Yesterday, I received something in my letterbox.

It was an election DVD from the Palmer United Party.

It’s bright yellow cover (looking strangely familiar, sort of like DLP yellow) was headed with the words “We’re Fair Dinkum”. And there was a big picture of Clive on it, with his thumbs up.

But when you turn it over, in very very small print on the back, you see the whole thing was printed in China. Whoops!

At the DLP we have a strong “Made in Australia” ethos. We believe in it deeply.

All our material, whether during a campaign or otherwise, is made here, in this country, by Australians.

To do otherwise would be sheer hypocrisy.

A country is what a country makes.

Our Senator, John Madigan, helped launch the Australian Manufacturing and Farming Program.

The goal is to get politicians out of Canberra and into factories and on farms, to get them out into the real world, where things are made and things are grown.

So what Australian printers missed out on Clive Palmer’s campaign work because it was printed in China?

And what else is his party pushing out that was also made overseas in sweatshops or factories using cheap labour?

Really, we think it’s a disgrace – and more than anything, it makes any claims of being “Fair Dinkum” sound hollow and false.

And one more thing.

Every reference to the Prime Minister on Clive’s DVD is about Julia Gillard. That’s right. He uses her name repeatedly.

His whole strategy is not only built on a false promise – it’s out of date.

Clive’s jive, it seems, is just that.

palmer-1 palmer-2

Foreign multinational locks out Aussie workers, ALP nowhere to be seen

One would think that if there’s one thing the Australian Labor Party would do, it would be standing up for Australian workers. Apparently not so.

Let me take you on a trip to the Latrobe valley in Victoria. Just past Moe, we arrive at the Yallourn power station, which supplies the State with over 20 per cent of its power supply.

Energy Australia, a subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based China Light and Power, has locked out the unit control operators at its Yallourn power station, without pay, for the last seven weeks.

The company first locked out the 75 workers on June 21 after failed enterprise bargaining negotiations on conditions and shifts. These workers are members of the Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union (CFMEU).

Just after the lock out began, the workers were the subject of a disgraceful allegation that they had something to do with a fire in a circuit breaker. Energy Australia allowed this smear to circulate and it became front page news in the Herald Sun. However, it was later found that the fire was an accident, most likely caused by poor maintenance. The workers are yet to receive an apology.

These locked out workers are highly skilled – there is a worldwide shortage of unit control operators and these blokes could get highly paid work anywhere there are power stations in operation. Energy Australia wants the Federal government to buy out the power station and close it down.

Energy Australia is refusing to include consultation, staffing levels and job security clauses in the EBA – some of the major sticking points in the dispute with the workers.

Meanwhile, 75 workers are locked out of their workplace without pay and Energy Australia is refusing to negotiate. These workers have families and mouths to feed.

DLP Senator John Madigan has travelled to Yallourn to where the workers have been locked out, bringing along food, supplies and even some financial aid. The workers were extremely grateful that they had the support of a politician, not just by words, but by action too.

Senator Madigan has tried hard to get the Victorian Government to have a better understanding of the situation, and even wrote a personal letter to Deputy Premier Peter Ryan. However, not only did Mr Ryan rebuff the invitation, he launched a scathing assessment of the workers’ stance in a reply that contained factual errors and oversights on key aspects of the issue.

“Mr Ryan accuses the CMFEU of militant behaviour, yet the workers are merely seeking conditions that have been taken from them over a period of time … Contrary to Mr Ryan’s claims, a case could be made that it is the employer – Energy Australia – that is acting in a militant way by locking out these workers.” Senator Madigan said.

In the midst of all this turmoil, the Australian Labor Party is nowhere to be seen. The party that claims to be the workers party has refused to stand up for the workers.

Not one single ALP politician even attended the “A lockout is a cop out” rally in Melbourne on Friday in support of the locked out workers and their families.

The Democratic Labour Party, on the other hand, has been standing side-by-side with these workers all along.

While Senator Madigan was an apology at the rally due to being in Adelaide for an Industry Day promoting Australian manufacturing, farming and food processing, the DLP’s Victorian senate candidate Mark Farrell addressed the crowd on behalf of Senator Madigan and the DLP, to the applause and gratitude of the workers who know the DLP is out there to support them, just like any genuine labour party should.

These guys need our support

Energy Australia has locked out the unit control operators at its Yallourn W power station, without pay, for the last seven weeks.

These guys are highly skilled – there is a worldwide shortage of unit control operators and these blokes could get highly paid work anywhere there are power stations in operation.

Energy Australia wants the Federal government to buy out the power station and close it down. EA is refusing to include consultation, staffing levels and job security clauses in the EBA – some of the major sticking points in the dispute with the workers.

Given the failure of the contract for closure negotiations (part of the Clean Energy Future Plan Policy), designed supposedly to close down large polluting power stations, Energy Australia has initiated its own discussions with the Federal Government and Opposition and is holding this group of workers to ransom.

Not surprisingly, some of the blokes have told Energy Australia to get stuffed and resigned.

They are certainly not the first and won’t be the last group of workers to leave the Valley and find work elsewhere.

That could cause huge problems for Victorian power consumers, particularly if we have a hot summer and the summer peak can’t be met.

That type of scenario could black out Victoria and possibly the eastern seaboard. These guys need our support. A lockout is a cop out!

Come along to a rally in support for the 75 workers locked out by Energy Australia at the Yallourn Power station. It happens this Friday, Melbourne City Square, 11am.

Stop selling off our country

Year after year, more and more Australian land is being sold off to foreign owners.

Not only are we losing ownership over our land, but the economic prosperity that eventuates goes overseas too.

Take the Ord River for example. It’s 320 kilometres long, situated in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. In the late 1930s, work began on a massive irrigation project, which included the construction of Australia’s largest artificial lake by volume, Lake Argyle, in 1971.

The Ord River project has the potential to be a major agriculture precinct, with its proximity to Kunanurra and Wyndham providing access to airport and port facilities respectively.

By 2009 more than 60 different crops were being grown in the Ord catchment area, and the Rudd Government and WA Premier Colin Barnett announced a development plan for the area, with plans to develop the community and infrastructure including upgrading Kununurra Airport and the port at Wyndham.

What happens next is very sad indeed. Just late last year, Chinese company Shanghai Zhongfu won the bid for 15,000 hectares of prized Ord River agricultural land.

So now the Chinese will come in, grow food and ship it back to their country. Obviously, there is no problem with China feeding it’s people. But why don’t we have an Australian owned agricultural company exporting to China instead?

That’s 150 million square metres of prime agricultural land that Australia no longer owns. And another lost opportunity to grow exports and strengthen our economy.

But it’s not just in the north.

In Australia’s south-western Wheatbelt region, the Chinese are buying up land there too.

Heilongjiang Feng Agricultural is said to want to buy and lease over 100,000 hectares to grow grain for export to China, according to a report in The West Australian in November last year.

The company already spent over $52 million acquiring farmland in the Great Southern and Wheatbelt regions in October-November last year.

Farmers in the eastern states will tell you the same story, of foreign companies buying up prime agricultural land in those areas too.

How is Australia ever going to grow, flourish, and develop if our leaders can’t do much more but sell off our country?

This brings me the the Democratic Labour Party’s policy on foreign ownership. The DLP believes that:

“no majority foreign owned entity or individual may own more than 2 hectares of Australian land”

It may sound extreme. But it’s a policy Australia desperately needs.

Oh, and if you thought it’s just prime agricultural land being bought up, you’re wrong. More and more residential property is being bought by overseas investors, making it harder for Australians to own their first home…

You can read the DLP’s statement on foreign ownership here. 



By Vince Stefano